August 19, 2020

Home Improvement Ideas to Increase the Home Value

When you plan to remodel or renovate your home, you are not only making it healthier and comfortable for your family but also increasing its value in the market. An old home can instantly increase its curb value by remodeling and improvement. From the doorknobs to the new water system, everything will have value during the home inspection while selling your house. Here are ten home improvement ideas that will instantly increase the value of your home in the market.

Steel entry door

A steel entry door at the front will assure that your house has added levels of security. A good door will leave a positive first impression on the house inspector. Steel doors are not very expensive but can improve the cost of your home when they are installed. It is considered one of the best returns in all home improvement projects by experts.

Steel entry door

Wood deck

If you have a backyard, you should immediately do something to design it and add a wood deck. A good quality wood deck can increase your home’s value as backyard planning is becoming a trend among modern home buyers. It can offer a very high ROI if you have a spacious backyard and a well-built deck.

Attic bedroom conversion

You can use the attic space to create an additional bedroom to increase the appeal of the house. It becomes even more valuable when you add a bathroom to it. It may not be the best bedroom for the couple, but it can appeal to the kids in the buyer’s family to find you a better deal.

Garage door replacement

You can replace the old garage doors either with a modern technology automatic garage door system or use a more traditional touch to it. You can choose from metal and wooden materials to suit your overall house. Garage door replacement, however, should not be your priority unless your garage door is too old and looks bad in your front yard.

Garage door replacement

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is considered by many the “heart of your home.” It will be the most considered area of your home while the buyers decide the price. Having more cabinets and a laminated countertop can be inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home. Repainting and re-tiling the kitchen before putting your house for sale can make major changes to the overall value of the house.

Window treatment

If you have a great view at the back of your home, make sure that you have a window big enough to make it worth viewing during the evening tea. Improve your windows with fresh wood and insulation. Get them cleaned and pained to look unique on the walls. Window treatment can be a great way to impress your buyers by showing them your backyard through the window.

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